Bighnaharta Nepal

Our Mission

To sustainably empower the vulnerable and marginalized communities of Nepal by enhancing their resilience to climate change disaster risk, inequality, and poverty using culturally and environmentally appropriate interventions.

Our Vision

A nation with self-sustainable communities where diversity of life thrives.

About Bighnartha Nepal

Bighnaharta Nepal (BN) is a Kathmandu-based not-for-profit organization established in 2019 by Nepali youths. The organization has been working in sectors of poverty alleviation, disaster risk reduction, socio-economic development, women and youth empowerment, social entrepreneurship, and research and advocacy. 

Working in various social and development sectors, Bighnaharta Nepal has been successful in implementing projects holistically addressing core livelihood, climate change, gender, and food security issues among the marginalized communities across Nepal by using the tools of social entrepreneurship, cooperative farming, and research and advocacy on the policy level.

Meet the Board Members

Gomesh Singh Upreti

Gomesh Singh Upreti Co-founder and President

The President and co-Founder of the organization, Gomesh Singh Upreti has been working in Bighnaharta Nepal since its inception. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Aviation and is currently pursuing his Master’s in Anthropology. In terms of expertise and experience, he worked as an executive board member in GABASKA Nepal, NGO for a year, and as an Admin/Finance officer in the World Food Program project for eight months. He has a 2-year-long experience as a Customer Service Executive in HSBC Bank. He is also the founder of Retro Media Nepal Pvt. Ltd. and has worked as the CEO of the company for two years.

Raziya Banu

Raziya Banu Co-founder and Vice President

The Co-founder and Vice President of Bighnaharta Nepal, Raziya Banu has been relentlessly working to establish the vision and mission of the organization from the very beginning. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Political Science. On top of being the Co-Founder and Vice President of Bighnaharta Nepal, she has been working as the Office Secretary at QUEST-Nepal for over three years. Raziya has also gathered ample experience from working in institutions and organizations including One Love One World, Loo Niva Child Corner Group, Ashra Rehabilitation Centre. With the desire to help the people in need, she has been in part of several organizations including Boudhik Disabled Society and Social Welfare Council’s Elderly’s Home, Pashupatinath. On top of that, she was also one of the helping hands in the Earthquake Relief Campaigns of Bibeksheel Nepali (Rasuwa), Hatemalo Sanchar (Gorkha), and Youth Action Nepal (Kathmandu).

Sudan Manandhar

Sudan Manandhar Executive Board Member

Sudan Manandhar is one of the executive members of Bighnaharta Nepal and has been supporting the organization in achieving its goals with his expertise. He is also currently the executive member of the Family Planning Association Nepal. For 11 years, Sudan worked as a counselor at Saarathi Nepal. He performed a similar role at Youth Vision Organisation for 2 years and Saksham Nepal Sudhar Kendra for 3 years. He was even the Vice President of Basantapur Dozo for 2 whole years. On top of that, he has three years of working experience as an outreach worker at RECPHEC. Currently, he is working as a counselor at Sankramit Tatha Durwesani (संक्रमित तथा दुर्वेसनी ) and Re Unity Rehabilitation Center. In addition to being the founder of Recovering Voice, he is currently on the board of members as the general secretary.

Ankita Shah

Ankita Shah Executive Director

Being a professional in Disaster Risk and Management, Ankita Shah is the executive director of Bighnaharta Nepal. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Public Relations from Stamford International University (Laureate International Universities) in Thailand and completed her Master’s in Crisis Management from Tribhuvan University Institute of Crisis Management Studies. On top of being an active executive member of Bighnaharta Nepal, she is working as a lead researcher and project manager at the Institute of Crisis Management Studies, Samarpan Academy. She has also worked as a Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Researcher and Program Associate at Youth Innovation Lab for more than a year. As a skilled proposal writer, Ankita has worked at Chay-Ya Nepal and Kilagal Tole Sudhar Samiti as well. On top of that, she has coordinated consultation meetings and workshops whilst working as Policy Researcher at Crisis Management Research Center. Adding on to her list of achievements, she was also an Account Executive for Max L'agence.


As per the convenience of the donors, we have various streams from which you can help fund our ongoing as well as future projects. All the information including the transparency of the funds will be public.

Meet the Team

प्रदिप ज्ञवाली

प्रदिप ज्ञवाली आर्थिक तथा प्रशासन 

म प्रदीप, एक जिम्मेवार नागरिकको हैसियतमा समाज सँग नजीक रहन रुचाउँछु । यसै उद्देश्यले म विघ्नहर्ता नेपालको स्थापनाकाल देखि नै यस सस्था सङ्ग काम गर्दै आई रहेको छु । यस संस्था एउटा यस्तो उदाहरणीय संस्था हो जुन एउटै उमेर समुहका युवाहरुको आफ्नै नेतृत्व र कौशलमा चलिरहेको छ । यस सस्था सँग काम गर्दैगर्दा मैले स्पष्ट रुपमा हाम्रो समाजलाई बुझ्ने मौका पाएको छु । यस संस्थाको साथमा रहेर देशका विभिन्न जिल्लामा काम गर्दैगर्दा मैले सरकारको कागजी नीतिमा देखिने देश र वास्तविक माटोमा देखिने देशको अन्तर छुट्टयाउन सक्ने भएको छु । त्यसैले सरकारको कागजी नीति र वास्तविक माटोलाई जोड्ने लक्ष्यमा म निरन्तर हिँडिरहेको छु ।

Smarika Rijal

Smarika Rijal Mobilizer

I choose to give my time by volunteering as I want to offer hands-on support to people to make a real difference. Before I came here I felt I had no opportunities at all, now I have too many to choose from. I am loving trying a bit of everything. I wanted to volunteer here to help me improve my work and social skills.

Rakhsya Bam

Rakhsya Bam Mobilizer

With the launch of “Operation Two Meals,” I began my journey in Bighnaharta Nepal. Working from my hometown, Kailali, I was able to coordinate meet the awesome team too. I am currently leading the project named “Operation Sanjeevani” in Bighnaharta Nepal and am thankful for all the work they do not just for the social cause but also for the needy and underprivileged.

Garima Bista

Garima Bista Content Writer

Working with Bighnaharta Nepal has provided me with the opportunity to experience what it is to work in a team. Being surrounded by people who work relentlessly for the betterment of the needy has certainly widened my perception of the society.

Samrajya Shah

Samrajya Shah Field Coordinator

Identifying myself as a social worker I aim to work for society and be part of its positive change. I enjoy working in the field, understanding ground reality, and working on immediate important issues. For me, Bighnaharta Nepal is a bridge between me and society as it has provided me an opportunity to work as a Field Coordinator in its different projects. Being a youth-led organization that aims to empower communities, I believe that the organization’s vision and mission align with my beliefs and provide me with the perfect opportunity to excel in the future and work on my and the organization's dream at once.